Mordançage, Unveiling the Beauty, July 29-August 4, 2018 ME

Mordançage, Unveiling the Beauty with Elizabeth Opalenik

July 29-August 4, 2018 Rockport, ME

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We shall begin with a brief history of the mordançage process and share the work of Denis Brihat and Jean Pierre Sudre, the French photographer that created the 1960 formula we use today. As her mentor and friend for over 15 years, Elizabeth learned the process directly from this master in his Provence atelier in 1991. Sharing the work of others in Mordançage will add valuable insight into directions for making it your own creative voice. Nothing beats seeing an original mordançage piece.

Elizabeth will demonstrate safe chemistry mixing and understanding the test strips to discover proper exposures for negatives or photograms. We’ll field trip to make negatives and we will also learn about preparing digital negatives for mordançage images. Mordançage, with intent, takes time to master. Information on materials to bring shall be sent prior to the workshop. Darkroom days will be spent testing papers and redeveloper combinations, experimenting with oxidation and toners to alter color, and deciding to save or not to save the veils. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Veiling is Elizabeth’s contribution to Mordançage where she is considered the master. Discussions will focus on possibilities and inspiration for the final image including the possibility of hand painting.

By the end of the workshop, students will have a safe working knowledge of the process, with a good foundation into the techniques for your darkroom. After 27 years of committing to the mordançage process, Elizabeth has many possibilities, pitfalls and discoveries to share. By working with a small group of photographic peers, students can combine information on papers available today to further enhance their making of these one of a kind images. Experimenting is highly encouraged. A working knowledge of the darkroom is essential.

Come prepared for challenges and laughs as we enjoy a week of darkroom creativity. Contact me with questions.