The Rhythm and Pulse February 5-12, 2018 Camagüey, Cuba

The Rhythm and Pulse of Camagüey, Cuba February 5-12, 2018

  • I have been blessed to conduct multiple workshops in Havana, Cuba through the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops over the past 4 years. We covered dance, music and workshops involving the courageous woman of Cuba. The people I met were always amazing. I will return in 2018 to Camagüey, a magical town that I visited on my own in February, 2017 that is also a new campus for SFPW. The dance community is vibrant there and the streets are full of interesting, welcoming people. Many still travel by horse drawn carriages that speak of another era. I was grateful to be invited in to so many lives and will happily share such adventures in this workshop. Please let me know if you are interested or contact the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

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