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Learning to embrace yourself and dream.

I have been a photographic artist and educator for over 40 years. I am now looking back at years of wonderful students that enriched my life, but also looking forward to some me time to continue my work in carbon and mordançage. Many workshops may never be run again. I've gone from teaching on six continents as many as 20-30 weeks a year to about 6 weeks in 2022. I have been blessed with the many connections I have made. I can't give it up entirely. There is something so special about the group experience of sharing creatively with others when you can be away from it all in a special location ( I will always entertain offers in exotic locations:)

Workshops at my Oakland studio for one or two people on mordançage can be scheduled for 2-3 days. You will leave with everything I know and have spent more than 30 years perfecting. Please inquire about pricing and possibilities.

The dance and figure weekend workshops are open to discussion or when a suitable venue calls to me. In 2023, I will find a suitable situation. The pandemic in 2020 has changed so much of our world, but creative people still desire creative outlets and community. We are all missing that, including me. Please inquire or ask to be on my impromptu lists. Private consultations if you are working on a project are also possible.

Meanwhile, embrace yourself and dream. Thank you all. You have given more than I gave as evident in my pandemic project Workshop Stories: changed through photography.