Elizabeth Opalenik


A Gathering, Asilomar, Pacific Grove CA. Oct 9-15 WAIT LIST and Oct 26- Nov 1

A week-long celebration of inspiration, creativity, thoughtful inquiry, and photographic art. Truly, a community sharing with Keron Psillas and Elizabeth Opalenik.

Elizabeth and Keron have chosen mid-October, and late October, to offer 6 nights and 7 days of photography, guest lectures,...


Cuba!! 2021

Cuba, with the SFW began in 2013 and continued for many years. We focused on Dance and the Women of Cuba. They all stole my heart. When the pandemic began I was days away from teaching a photographic tour starting in Havana with a group of Leica photographers. As soon as that world opens, I...


Somewhere Foreign Please 2021 France, Italy

I have spent nearly every summer since 1983 in Europe with workshops. I started assisting in Provence with MPW and went on to conduct my own workshops annually, visiting in their homes artists Jean-Pierre Sudre, Lucien Clergue and Denis Brihat. I had figure models in the Marquis de Sade...

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Figure in the landscape Georgetown, ME August 15-19, 2021. FULL

I have the honor of being connected to the F. Holland Day House, an extraordinary workshop location featuring tide pools, woods, interior spaces and a sensuous rock edged cove with seaweed and riverlets at low tide. Beautiful historical pillars adorn the landscape and with each receding wave,...

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Art of Seeing, MMW Rockport, ME August 9-13, 2021

Yeah! So excited to be on campus in this class about learning to see what else there is. This is not a figure workshop, but my favorite creativity class that I teach. Come prepared to surprise yourself.

Perception and creativity are the cornerstones of photographic style. What is...


Beauty of Women September 1-6, 2020 Norway POSTPONED

Details coming through Nord Photography Date was changed due to virus

On our workshop with Elizabeth Opalenik we will explore the concept of beauty, in portraiture, the human form, ourselves and each other, while we focus...


Forty Years of Learning Embrace yourself and dream.

I have been a photographic artist and educator for nearly 40 years. I am now looking back at years of wonderful students that enriched my life, but also looking forward to some me time to do my work. Many workshops are on hold and may never be run again. I've gone from teaching on six...


Mordançage, Unveiling the Beauty

Mordançage, Unveiling the Beauty Oakland CA

Details Please email for details on private classes

Mordançage is a process that alters silver gelatin photographs to give them wonderful elegant or degraded effects. The mordançage solution works by chemically bleaching the print so that...


The Sensual Image, San Miguel

Perhaps again in the future

Artists throughout history have been compelled to make art using the human figure as a subject, and San Miguel de Allende, with its inspiring colonial charm, provides an inviting backdrop to explore the sensual qualities of the human form while expressing your...


Movement and Dance 2021 Oakland CA

Movement and Dance 2 day workshops

Oakland, CA

As a child I always wanted to be a dancer. Today, I live through the beauty and grace of the many different dancers that I have come to know. Join me in this special workshop of photographing dancers as they move through a studio or...